Preservation Rhinoplasty Merges with Structure Rhinoplasty

      There were multiple lineages where dorsal preservation was taught. These schools taught many surgeons who have become present-day leaders in the preservation movement. Many of these surgeons have contributed to this issue of the Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America. I am pleased to have the opportunity to get to know this group of individuals and to learn from those who came from the different lineages (Pinto, Dewes, Ishida, Lopez, Gola, Sulcenti, Saban, Ignacio, Tasca, Carbajal, deLuca, and so forth).
      With this present-day resurgence of dorsal preservation, surgeons introduced new innovative techniques to manage the dorsal hump. In this issue, most all the different techniques will be covered. Sam Most provides an overview of dorsal preservation and discusses his approach to the intermediate strip. Yves Saban discusses the high strip and provides his long-term outcomes using this technique. Baris Cakir describes his technique and how he performs endonasal preservation rhinoplasty. Miguel Ferreira discusses the spare roof technique and surface modifications to manage the dorsal hump. Abdulkadir Goksel presents his methods using the open approach and the impact of the “Ballerina maneuver.” I discuss my early experience with dorsal preservation, pointing out important nuances to help those who are just starting with this approach. Valerio Finocchi covers his SPQR technique and provides specific details on how to execute this technique effectively. Milos Kovacevic and I discuss how the subdorsal cantilever graft can be used in dorsal preservation. Mario Ferraz discusses the Brazilian approach and SPAR and the many lineages of dorsal preservation. Olivier Gerbault provides a clear perspective on piezo technology and how he uses it in his practice.
      I am honored to be able to bring this talented group of rhinoplasty surgeons together to teach us all about the nuances of dorsal preservation.


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